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Out Of The Blue
When 12-year-old Megan's mother suddenly changes from a hyper-organized, fast-moving person to a calm, slow person who sings soppy songs, Megan knows something's up. Megan's mother has been contacted by a daughter that she gave up for adoption nearly twenty five years ago – a daughter Megan didn't even know existed. Twenty four year old Natalie is nice and fun, and getting married. And she wants to get to know her biological family. Megan is a little res...
The Baby Project
Eleven year old Jessica and her teenage brother Simon are shocked when their engineer mother and stay-at-home dad tell them that they are expecting another baby. As the family prepares for the baby, Jessica and her best friend Margaret begin a “baby project” for school. The project is detailed and fun and once the baby arrives, things just get better. Baby Lucie quickly becomes the heart of the family, and is even affectionately treated by often surly Si...