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The Isle of Battle - The Swans' War 2
August 2002, 25.95, 480 pp. ISBN 0380974901 Over a millennium ago, the great sorcerer Wyr gave himself up to the river Wynnd to sleep and dream. While he slept, two families, the Renne and the Wills family claimed the throne of Ayr. After many centuries there is no more kingdom or throne but the two feuding families and their respective families remain bitter enemies, with war periodically breaking out For dynastic reasons Elise Wills is bei...
The One Kingdom - The Swans' War 1
HarperCollins Eos, Feb 2001, 25.00, 463 pp. ISBN: 0380974894 The King died without naming a successor. Over the next century, the two most powerful aristocratic clans, the Renne and the Wills continually argue and fight for control of Ayr. Both families will do anything including murder of one of their own or even destroy a nation to gain the throne. Toren Renne shocks his kin when he becomes the family leader by wanting peace for th...