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A Severe Mercy
Although this bestselling book owes some of its fame to the substantial part played by C.S. Lewis, it is an inspiring and moving account of an extraordinary love and the relationship that one couple built. A young man and woman meet in their college years just before WWII and decide to make their love a thing to last forever, to be considered before all other things and people, and placed above them. The level of communication that they consciously worke...
Under The Mercy
Published in 1985, 'Under The Mercy' is the sequel to his best-selling 'A Severe Mercy', the story of Sheldon's married life to Davy, and the intense nature of their love. I recommend this book to those who enjoyed his first book and wonder what happened next. In his words, this book is "a supplement and continuation...'A Severe Mercy' was a pilgrimage book". The matter here is more focussed on one person, but the style is still Vanauken easy-reading, wi...