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A Merry Little Murder
Kensington Oct 2003, 22.00, 288 pp. ISBN 0758201265 The Jeremy Ash Dance Company is going to perform at the International Stars Ballroom Competition at the Grand Pavilion Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Lindy Graham Haggerty tries to get into the spirit of the occasion but she can't because her husband told her he is not coming home to her, but stops short at asking for a divorce. Lindy's wannabe lover Bill is meeting her at the hotel but by...
Halloween Murder
Kensington, Sep 2002, 22.00, 312 pp. ISBN: 0758201249 After an extended business trip in Europe, Lindy Haggerty is happy to be home though her husband and their daughter are in Europe and their son in Boston. The only family member around to keep Lindy company, is her son's dirty dog. However, in a definite weak moment or perhaps the beginning of senility, Lindy agrees to direct an amateur production during the town's Halloween carnival as part...
Midsummer Murder
MIDSUMMER MURDER Kensington, Aug 2001, 22.00, 288 pp. ISBN 15756667474 Lindy Graham-Haggerty was a successful dancer before she retired to raise two children. Now she faces empty nest syndrome while her husband travels more than he is home. Lindy goes back to work as the rehearsal director for the Jeremy Ash Dance Company. She is now on the road traveling with the troupe to the to Easton Arts Retreat, a writers and visual arts colony, in up...