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The Gospel Of Judas
THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS Little, Brown; Jun 2001; 24.95; 330 pp. ISBN: 0316097500 Near the Dead Sea, a new scroll from the time of Jesus has been discovered. The church sends Rome teacher-scholar Father Leo Newman to investigate and translate the newest find. Leo is going through a difficult period as he has doubts about his chosen avocation ever since he met and sinned by having an affair with Madeline Brewer. Still, Leo immediately travels to ...
The Fall
Little, Brown, Dec 2002, 24.95, 370 pp. ISBN: 0316097802 Rob Dewar is driving home to his family when he hears on the radio about the death of his friend Jamie Matthewson from a mountain climbing fall. Though he and Jamie had not spoken in years, Rob heads to Wales to learn what went wrong and to provide comfort to his buddy's widow Ruth. Rob begins learning about his deceased friend, the man's family, and his own parents, more than he probab...