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A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story
A young girl lands in a New York juvenile detention facility when foster home placements don't work out and her parents abandon her. Ten-year-old Porsche is doing an eight year sentence in a New York juvenile delinquency facility. She lives on a ward for violent girls. In and out of foster homes where she was not treated as a member of the family, Porsche has survived beatings by one foster mother, and being starved in another placement. Unsure of where ...
The Coldest Winter Ever
This book starts off by introducing us to the main character: a teenaged girl named Winter in Brooklyn, New York. She was named after a really bad snow storm, but her life is even worse as the book progresses. She is a spoiled brat whose father is a drug king. Winter lives with her mother, her sisters, and (sometimes) her father. She is used to getting everything se wants--until her father's enemies retaliate by shooting her mother! Eventually, her fa...