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The six cosmonauts from Earth are stranded on Eden, a mysterious planet, inhabited by a strange and incomprehensible alien civilisation. How can man cope with events and situations which he would never encounter in a human environment?...
Hospital of the Transfiguration
Hospital of the Transfiguration is Stanislaw Lem's first novel, a semi-autobiographical work about his time spent working in a psychiatric hospital in German-occupied Poland. Stefan Trzyniecki is a young Polish doctor who decides to complete his residency at a rural insane asylum away from the furor of the cities during the 1939 Occupation of Poland. Stefan is a confused and troubled young man seeking his own form of asylum from the chaos World War II br...
Science fiction: some scientists in a space observation laboratory, above the planet Solaris, discover that the ocean contains some power which forces them to materialise their obsessions in solidform. A new arrival calls up the physical simulation of his wife, a long-dead suicide. ...