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Mirror Mirror on the Wall
When divorced businessman Peter Hibben gets home to his Greenwich Village apartment, he's stunned to find a body in the bathroom with his gun lying next to it. Only his teenage son Nick and the cleaning lady Ofelia had keys to the place. How could this have happened? Soon, his lawyer Irwin Gold and shrink Dr. Ernst show up to question Peter as he tries to remember the past 24 hours. Indeed, he thinks back through his failed marriage, the call girls in Lo...
James Flood has just gotten out of a Florida prison with three partners and a plan: to rob an upstate New York bank of $4 million and escape to the West Indies and ultimately South America or Africa. As Jimmy, he grew up troubled, angry, and all but orphaned by his battling and neglectful parents in the town of Scammons Landing, New York. Now he's going back there, not only to strike it rich, but to take hostages among the Quaker community that tried to ...