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Dark Delivery
Berkley, June 2003, 6.50, 272 pp. ISBN 0425191109 Last year, reporter Nelson Ingram was working for his hometown newspaper in Litchfield, Alabama when he broke the biggest story of his career. He proved that the mob had a big money laundering operation in the quiet little town and he walked away from the story with a lot of money, a ledger and some discs all placed in a bank safety deposit box. Now Nelson lives like a hermit in an isolated cabi...
Southern Latitudes
Berkley, Sept 2002, 6.50, 272 pp. ISBN 0425186377 Litchfield, Alabama is a quiet town with little business to support the townsfolk. There have been Ingrams residing in Litchfield since the town was founded but Nelson graduated college with the sole intention of seeing the world and never returning to his hometown again. Lost jobs, failed opportunities and broken relationships bring Nelson back home where he becomes a reporter for the Litchfiel...