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Hiero's Journey: A Romance of the Future
Protagonist searches post nuclear war North America for instructions on how to build a computer. He fights creatures, mutants, and evildoers with newly evolved mental powers and his trusty pistol....
Menace Under Marswood
Set on Mars after colinization by the West, China spoiled the party by sending a rocket full of nasties to Mars which over the course of a few centuries, which became the "Ruck". Living in the Ruck are Ruckers, a fiercely independent people who resent the presence of the UN on Mars and show it in very direct ways. Into this mix come a new tribe who hail from one of Mars' unknown areas and they proceed to subvert the Ruckers. To combat this, an unlik...
The Unforsaken Hiero
Captured and robbed of his mental powers by the evil Brotherhood of the Unclean, Per Hiero Desteen battles his way north through an American landscape filled with mutants and marred by an ancient nuclear war. As the Unclean prepares to mount an invasion of Hiero's homeland in ancient Canada, Hiero thwarts their plots and evades their clutches, hoping only that he will not be too late. ...