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The Wheat Field
Putnam, March 2002, 24.95, 304 pp. ISBN 0399148418 In 1960, Kickapoo Falls, Wisconsin is a small bucolic town with a comparatively small sized small sheriff's department to match the low crime rate. Deputy Pennington reveres his boss Sheriff Fatts, the man who hired him, trained him and believed in him ever since he was brought on board just after World War II. The job is Pennington's whole life although the ex military sniper is in love wi...
Wolf Pass
Putnam, Mar 2003, 24.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0399149910 In 1963, residents of Kickapoo County, Wisconsin are shocked when someone assassinates train engineer Frank Prager while waiting in the yards. The bullet was fired from a hillside six hundred yards away from the target. Townsfolk know that only Deputy Sheriff Pliny Pennington could hit a mark from a distance equivalent to six football fields. Pliny has two reasons to solve the case. First he...