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Stranger Inside
Daw Feb 2003, 6.99, 512 pp. ISBN 0756401283 Spontaneous combustion is happening to teens all over America, burning from the inside out. The government has a special black ops unit called Cold Blue that is studying the problem but they have no idea how to stop it from happening. All the government knows is that teens combust on or around their fifteenth birthday. Jimmy Somerset is a seventeen-year-old who has been in and out of foster homes a...
17-year-old Allison has been suffering from migraine headaches and discovers they are due to emerging telepathic powers - powers an unknown agency will kill for. It began with an undercover government agency, and agency experimenting with genetic breeding, their goal to develop and enhance specific mental powers--to create teeks. But not everone was willing to be a guinea pig, and have their children turned into some sort of monstrous mutation--so som...