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Looking For Mr Nobody
Wolf, a down-and-out pavement artist living in Amsterdam, can't recall who he is, but people seem to want him dead. He tries to save a friend from sinister men in black, and gets embroiled in an illegal medical experiment with the effects of military-spec designer drugs backed by shadowy government types. Robin Carlson, American Army brat tough girl who has a Glock-17 for a security blanket, is trying to find her boyfriend, who has disappeared in the cit...
Looking for Mr. Nobody
This story, set in Amsterdam amid its wintertime, is of two people. Part of the story is told in first person from Robin Carlson's point of view. Robin is an American ex-Army brat working as a judo instructor and part-time bouncer in a nightclub. Robin's former boyfriend, Cary, shows up at her apartment wanting help to find someone--he doesn't give a name. When Cary goes missing, Robin feels obligated to learn what happened to him and to follow through o...