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Back Roads
Warner, Jun 2003, 5.99, 416 pp. ISBN: 0446612251 If anyone canvassed the townsfolk of Glens Crossing, Indiana as to whom was the most predictable person in town, Sheriff Leigh Mitchell would win unanimously. She never does anything outside her daily routines. However, approaching thirty, Leigh feels she is choking and needs to break out of her shell. Will Scott is just passing through when he notices the Ferris wheel lights in the distance. ...
Magnolia Sky
Warner, Aug 2004, 5.99, 416 pp. ISBN: 0446614106 In Grover, Mississippi, Army ranger Luke Boudreau undergoes his toughest mission of his fifteen-year career. He visits Olivia, the mom of one of his men, deceased Calvin Abbott, who died in the line of duty five months ago. Luke, just out of the hospital, blames himself for the death of his brother in arms. He made the decision that led to the helicopter crash that took the life of Calvin. Lu...