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Long Time No See
HarperCollins, Sep 2001, 26.00, 358 pp. ISBN: 0060195703 Fifty-four years old St. Elizabeth College adjunct professor Judith Singer wonders why highly successful Courtney Logan vanished. The police and the Shorehaven Beacon believe the husband of the missing person killed her though no concrete evidence points towards him. Knowing how much she struggled with her perfect husband Bob until he died after running the New York Marathon two years...
Shining Through
It's 1940 and Linda Voss is in love with her boss, John Berringer. He's not overtly attracted to the German-Jewish secretary from Queens, even if she is remarkably intelligent and following the news of the war about to overtake Europe. No one is more surprised than Linda when she ends up in John's bed, and then pregnant. He does the right thing by her and they get married, however, his heart still belongs to his ex-wife, who left him for another man. Na...