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The Fortune Teller's Daughter
The Fortune Teller's Daughter Atria, Jul 2002, 25.00, 352 pp. ISBN: 074344230X After years of traveling from town to town accompanying her mother Madame Ruby the fortuneteller, Sabine Heartwood is contented to remain in one place. She wants a home in which she knows her neighbors and attends the same church every week. Thus, she feels rather thankful for her new life in Moose River Junction. Movie director Danforth Smith returns home to Moose...
Cameo Lake
Pocket, Jul 2001, 24.95, 272 pp. ISBN: 0743412761 Her best friend Grace provided the remote cabin in New Hampshire so that Cleo McCarthy can concentrate on her writing without distractions. Cleo leaves behind her husband Sean and their two children, ten years old Lily and eight years old Tim. She also knows that there is no community chore she can volunteer to help with in this locale over three hours from Providence. Across CAMEO LA...
Summer Harbor
Atria, Aug 2003, 25.00, 352 pp. ISBN: 0743442326 As a child, Kiley Harris enjoyed Hawke's Cove because her two best friends, Mack Mackenzie and Grainger Eden, were there. The trio were the three musketeers until Mack and Kiley begin going steady. When Mack and Kiley make love for the first time, she realizes she wants Grainger. They make love that same night and explain to Mack their feelings. Distraught he goes sailing in a storm and dies. ...