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Putnam, 2003, 25.95, 330 pp. ISBN 0399150536 A fire breaks out in the basement of a fancy restaurant in Manhattan and when the firemen go in, they lose sight of the entrance. When it is time for them to get out only one of the three makes it, a rookie who feels like he should have been the one that died. Fire Marshall Georgia Skeehan and her partner Randy Carter determine immediately that it was arson. The duo learns that extortionist torch ...
Georgia Skeehan, FDNY fire marshal, battles her own emotions while trying to catch an arsonist bound for revenge of a covered truth of a fire long past. She continually puts herself in danger to uncover this truth and protect those she loves....
The Fourth Angel
The Fourth Angel features Georgia Skeehan, rookie fire marshall for the NYFD. After a deadly and destructive fire which killed over 50 civilians and one firefighter, Georgia discovers that this fire is only the latest in a series of fires set by an arsonist called the Fourth Angel. Problems surface in Georgia's investigation, and she is hampered by the politics of the fire department and guilt over the death of her partner two years ago. ...