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Children of Promise
In 1905 in the town of Mansfield, Missouri, is getting ready for another fall and crop. That means school is starting for the children, too. When an Irish-Catholic teacher named Mrs. Maurene O'Connor arrives, tensions arise. Laura Ingalls Wilder interviews Mrs. O'Connor and finds she is a caring and good teacher, but unfortunately a group called the Klan is set on driving the teacher out of town because of her religion. Taking drastic action, the Kl...
Missouri Homestead
Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family have just arrived in Missouri, as are hundreds of other families from all over the world. With her husband Manly and Rose, her seven year old daughter, they find a broken down farm to buy. Following many hardships in the years, they come to have a thriving farm. An outspoken, fiercely devoted woman working as a journalist, Laura gains the approval and disapproval of the community in Mansfield. Her articles...