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Fat Chance
FAT CHANCE: Lindsey Michaels goes undercover to learn the real scoop on a new weight reduction program. Hal Randall is in danger of losing his funding and ready to do anything to keep that from happening. The stage is set and the romp begins in a contest of wills between Lindsey, who gains weight despite her rabbit food diet, and Hal, who can't follow a simple train of thought every time he's faced with his voluptuously gorgeous patient....
Intimate Investor
When Raye Franklin's major investor in her home health care operation turns out to have the looks of an underwear model and a raw male appeal that sets her knees to wobbling, she worries if she can maintain a “strictly business” relationship. ...
Mr. Wrong
MR. WRONG: is a short, fast-paced romantic comedy. Kat Snow, a widow, decides it's time to re-enter “the meat market,” but finds herself faced with two seemingly insurmountable problems: 1) finding Mr. Right. 2) She hasn't dated in 12 years and needs a brush-up course on current dating etiquette. The trouble begins when she asks her best friend and boss, Rourke Hawthorne, a cynical divorce lawyer and a poster-boy for Mr. Wrong for help, and worse, he ...