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Blue Movie
Boris, "King B.," 34-year-old wunderkind film director, is intrigued by the idea of shooting a fully pornographic art movie. Producer Sid Krassman finds a deal to make it happen: the tiny European kingdom of Liechtenstein will front $3 million for the production IF it is filmed there AND shown only there for 10 years. (The idea is to recoup their investment in tourist traffic.) The crazy film crew lines up various veteran European stars and aspiring Amer...
Texas Summer
Harold Stevens, 12 years old, is growing up in the red dirt country of north Texas. He's got buddies with whom he shoots varmints, dares bulls and train trestles, and wonder about girls, but his closest companion is a black farmhand named CK who teaches him a lot about the world -- from how to dry red-dirt marijuana to the kind of food served in the black part of town. Southern published this small novel in 1991, after a 20-year dry spell, and it's a sli...
The Magic Christian
Guy Grand, 53, is an eccentric multibillionaire who spends roughly $10 million a year playing practical jokes on society. These range from the small and silly (having a large man mash crackers with a sledge hammer in Times Square, offering a man $6,000 to eat a parking ticket, releasing a ravenous panther at a prestigious dog show) to the massive (sparking racial and religious riots in Chicago, hunting in the Congo with a 75mm howitzer, building and sell...