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Bad Moon Rising
Five Star, Dec 2004, 26.95 ISBN: 159414236X Pacific Coast Community College hazardous material technician Serena Davis worries that something bad happened to her former fiancé Jesse Bantos though she blames her feelings somewhat on her psychic pal Callista's warning. With her daughter by her side, Serena breaks into Jesse's home allegedly seeking her stuff when he fails to respond to her calls. She concludes something bad indeed occurred to th...
Colorado Sunrise
Five Star, Jan 2003, 26.95, 373 pp. ISBN: 0786245158 In 1878 Harriet Jackson has been in love with Elijah Kelly forever, but he married Jordan Braddock. Stunned and dismayed, Harriet becomes engaged to Colorado's number one bachelor, wealthy Ash Brady. Her doubts about her future relationship rise as the ceremony gets closer. She wonders whether the groom will ever love the real Harriet or is he fulfilling an obligation with a societal trophy...
Dark of the Moon
Five Star, Dec 2004, 26.95, 332 pp. ISBN: 0786251093 Two years ago southwest water colors artist Alain Caine left his girlfriend librarian Destiny Millbrook without a second look to pursue his “real” destiny. Now with Jasper County California Arts and Crafts Fair to occur, Alain calls Destiny expecting her to house him for ten days. Destiny tells him to reside elsewhere. Besides deserting her, she has moved on and has a new boyfriend Detective...