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Fitzpatrick's War
Daw, August 2004, 23.95, 464 pp. ISBN 0756401968 Much of the population was destroyed in the storm times of the twenty first century and the world is without electricity, depending on steam for fuel. The Confederation of the Yukon, flying the flag of the Union Jack is the most powerful country in the world, assimilating Canada, the United States and Australia. It is a feudal age in which Lords and commoners have assigned roles in society and th...
The Martian General's Daughter
Justa, the now-elderly daughter of a famous rebel general of the 23rd century, tells the tale of her father's exploits in the dying days of an empire to set the record straight on his name, This fairly mediocre (good idea, meh writing/story) steampunk/science fiction novel is narrated by Justa, as she describes the life of her adored father General Black and her own military career. The novel is set in the 23rd century, in a vast empire that controls all...
Tom Wedderburn's Life
Tom Wedderburn's Life is the story of a nineteenth century man forced to live in the tumultuous twentieth. Born in a remote corner of America and imbued with the learning and mores of a past era, Tom falls in love with a modern woman he does not understand, nearly throws his life away in World War II, and turns his back upon the world, yet finds a measure of redemption in his old age....