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Dance Me to the End of Love
Tyana Dominique's most powerful ambition is to be a competitive ballroom dancer. In Dance Me to the End of Love, Tyana faces the dilemma of loving two men, her boyfriend and her new dance instructor. Ellis Montgomery is Tyana's boyfriend, a hardworking man who ends up tangled in a love affair with a sexy, relentless colleague, Charlotte St.Jean. Antonio Lorenzo, Tyana's dance instructor, sees more in her than just a graceful and talented dancer. ...
Life Is But A Dream
Tyana Dominique is a successful interior designer with a loving long-time boyfriend, Ellis Montgomery. Her dream, however, is to be a championship ballroom dancer. It drives her and she lets it take precedence over her career and Ellis. Even though she longs for it, her dream seems far from reality. Then she meets handsome and talented dance instructor, Antonio Lorenzo. Through his instruction, she realizes the passion within her and decides to purs...
The Escort, Et Cetera
Sebastién Marcelis' adventurous life couldn't be more rewarding for him, financially. He was escorting some of the most elite women in decadently as a result. His unique occupation has allowed him to travel the world and live a zestful life. His dashing, sexy good looks, charismatic personality and unfaltering charm have kept him in demand for his services. Consequently, he has unintentionally stolen the hearts of his clients. The a...