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The Debt
Five Star, Jan 2005, 25.95, 252 pp. ISBN: 1594142769 Horror author Carl Shaw joins New York Police Officers Steve Burnett and Sam Hollis on mobile patrol. When the cops stop for a sandwich at Lazzini's Deli, a robber shoots both cops. Carl takes out an illegal hidden gun and kills the criminal. Afterward, Carl tells Detective Mendez that he grabbed the gun from the ground where the shooter dropped it when Steve shot him. Mendez tells Steve th...
The One True Prince
Five Star, May 2004, 26.95, 290 pp. ISBN 1594141398 Following the last war it has taken the earth generations to recover as the ocean waters flowing deep into the land has changed much of the geography. The planet is technologically on the level of the Middle Ages though electricity is available to the royals and people in strategic positions. The Clan of Na Cereth has been on the throne of Albion since the end of the war in the Third Millennia...