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House of Reeds
Tor, Feb 2004, 25.95, 414 pp. ISBN: 0765301938 Xenoarcheologist Gretchen Anderssen looks forward to some well deserved R&R especially quality time with her children whom she has not seen in what seems like eons. However, at the space transport, she learns that the Company needs her and her team to take a short detour to investigate rumors of a possible major find of a First Sun artifact on the planet Jagan. Her Hesht companion Magdalena and h...
The Storm Of Heaven
Tor, Jun 2001, 27.95, 558 pp. ISBN: 0312865597 In the seventh century, the Roman Empire is under siege on two military fronts and one natural front. Mohammed of Mekkah and his army defeated Theodore and the war with Persia led by the inhuman sorcerer Damawand continues unabated. Adding to the gloom is the eruption of Vesuvius that has destroyed several cities. The last real hope for Rome and Constantinople lies with Prince Maxian, wh...
Wasteland of Flint
Tor, Apr 2003, 27/95, 432 pp. ISBN: 076530192X Over the last several centuries, Mexica becomes the earth's superpower and begins traveling into outer space. In orbit around the lifeless planet Ephesus III, a ship has become silent leaving a scientific team marooned on the planet's surface. The Mexica Imperial Navy orders archaeologist Gretchen Anderssen to help rescue the scientists and return with the ancient artifact that the explorer Russovs...