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Anja the Liar
Riverhead, Oct 2003, 25.95 ISBN: 1573222607 In 1945 Anja Wienewska stands inside the fence that contains those refuges from the war with no papers. Former Wehrmact Captain Walter Fass sees her and begins talking to her in Polish, as he believes she is from Poland. Anja ignores him until he speaks in German; she insists she is German and not Polish. Anja is from Krakow, Poland where she betrayed her people to the German occupiers. Under Nazi c...
What Harry Saw
Riverhead, Sep 2002, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 1573222240 Following the tradition set by his father and grandfather, Australian Harry Hull is severely wounded serving in Nam. Harry returns to live with his father in the Sidney suburbs. His GI Joe dad, known for drinking beer with a straw due to a World War II injury, obtains a job for his son as a reporter with the Herald. While working there, Harry falls in love with Lucy Whitmoor. They share a s...