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In Stratford, Ontario, Canada, a gardener accidentally cuts a telephone cable, disrupting telephone service and interlinking several lives. As a result of the accident, theatre actor Griffin Kincaid finds himself sexually blackmailed. His wife Jane finds her marriage threatened not only by her husband's strange behavior, but also by her own obsessive desire for the handsome but mysterious telephone company repairman who arrives to fix the problem. The ...
The Piano Man's Daughter
In July 1939, Charlie Kilworth visits his mother, Lily Kilworth, at the Asylum for the Insane in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. The day after his visit, Charlie's mother passes away. Charlie becomes obsessed with tracing his unusual family history. The family's history was forever altered when a mysterious piano man, Tom Wyatt, arrived in a rural town in Canada in the late nineteenth century and fell in love with Ede Kilworth. From their very brief love af...
The Wars
In the 1970s a researcher is trying to understand the full story of what happened to Robert Ross in WWI. He shares his findings with the reader. Ross joins the Canadian Army at 19 in response to the accidental death of his beloved handicapped older sister, Rowena. He completes his training, and has an abortive sexual inititiation in Lethbridge, Alberts; then he is sent overseas. During a hellish, stormy voyage on a crowded troopship carrying 140 hors...