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Breaking Point - Net Force 4
This book is about a scientist who develops a way to use a low frequency ray to mess with the minds of people all over the world. The director of Net Force must do all that he can to stop him from using this powerful tool, or selling it to the chinese. It doesn't help that the scientist has hired a super body guard who is as good at his job as the Net Force agents are at theirs. A great read, one of the best in the series....
Line of Control - Tom Clancy's Op-Center 8
A pakistani terrorist group has been framed by militant factions within the Indian government. Now, Paul Hood and Op-Center embark on the most unusual of agendas: Helping a terrorist group escape. And their only help in the region comes from an NSA agent with questionable loyalty... ...
Tom Clancy's Op-Center
A new counterterrorist organization has been formed, called Op-Center. Its first foreign mission is in Korea, where North Korean terrorists are preparing to launch missles at Japan. They had performed a terrorist action in South Korea, against top government officials a few weeks before. General Mike Rodgers and the Striker counterterrorist team (endorsed by Op-Center) are ready to oppose this missle launching. ...