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Company Confidential
Scott Murphy, a newly hired sales rep at Campbell Industries in Los Angeles clashes with Glenn Stevens, VP and self-appointed dictator of the company. Stevens manages his subordinates like a schoolyard bully, with threats and intimidation. He views his female employees as his personal harem. When one employee is reported missing and another is found murdered, Stevens devises a plan to frame Murphy. If he wants to live, Murphy must execute his own pla...
Without Warning
In what looks like another ripped-from-the-headlines instance of a disgruntled employee 'going postal' and slaughtering his co-workers, someone entered the Huntington Beach office of Payroll Computation Services and gunned down 18 employees in broad daylight. Veteran Detective Bart Starcevich has been assigned the task of solving this gruesome multiple-murder case. Little evidence was found at the crime scene. There are no witnesses. There are no lea...