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Tom Savage, the literary Alfred Hitchcock does it again with this sinister tale of serial murder and deception. Best-selling author Mark Stevenson is given a golden opportunity to discover the identity of a brutal serial killer called the Family man who years ago slaughtered whole families and who has never gotten caught! He is given this chance by a mysterious fan called Scavenger who has devised a cunning little game where Stevenson must look for ...
The Inheritance
Holly Smith is a young woman who finds out she is really Holly Randall and she is a inheritor to vast Randall Estate worth two hundred million dollars! She must live there with her new relatives and when she does she enters a world of murder and betrayal where nothing is what is seems! Savage has written another chilling thriller of murder, greed and betrayal where nothing is what seems and no one is above suspicion and his fiendish plot twists don't...
A best-selling mystery writer finds herself stalked by a psycho killer in the stylish and chilling thriller.He taunts her with the knowledge that she will die on Valentine and this novel will lead to one of the most fiendishly brilliant plot twists in suspense genre history!...