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The Coast of Utopia - Salvage
This is the last play in Tom Stoppard's trilogy, The Coast of Utopia. The main character is Alexander Herzen, a minor character in the earlier plays, a Russian intellectual living in London. Again, a large group of Russian intelligensia plays a role. "Salvage" follows this group's desire to see a revolution in Russia, and their attempts to facilitate this through their activities in London. The Herzen's family relationships are examined, as is Alexander ...
The Coast of Utopia - Shipwreck
This is the second play in Tom Stoppard's trilogy, The Coast of Utopia. This follows a group of young, wealthy, Russians struggling against the Tsarist regime. They begin in a mansion in the Russian countryside, and eventually leave for Europe. They are in France for the revolution there, and speak and act to bring the European revolution to Russia until they realize the French revolution has not altered the fundamentals of class distinction. Besides pol...
The Coast of Utopia: Voyage
This is the first play in Tom Stoppard's trilogy _The Coast of Utopia_. It follows the Bakunin family in their Russian estate, particularly the son Michael. Set in the mid to late 1800s, "Voyage" describes the struggle of the young intelligensia coming to terms with Tsarist Russia's lack of literature and philosophy, and its repressive government, all through the lens of Western philosophy....