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Mad As The Dickens
Toni L. P. Kelner Kensington, Oct 2001, 22.00, 288 pp. ISBN 1575668386 Laura and Richard Fleming should be getting ready for the Christmas holiday in their Boston home especially with Laura five months pregnant. However, her cousin Vasti from Byerly, North Carolina pleads with the Flemings to come visit her and neither one can say no. Vasti wants Richard, a Shakespearean professor at Boston College to direct the production of A Christm...
Wed and Buried
Kensington, Feb 2003, 22.00, 269 pp. ISBN 1575668408 It has been seven months since Richard and Laura have given birth to their daughter Alice but they are still basking in the afterglow and are acting like typical doting parents. Laura has no intention of leaving her Boston home and going to visit her relatives in her hometown of Byerly. However, when she gets a call saying that Aunt Margie eloped with the town's wealthiest citizen Big Bill Wa...