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Get Out of My Mind
In 1950, two aliens whom have been sent to spy on the planet Earth, secretly ordered by Copolla, the leader of the United Council of Developing Worlds, decide to never go back to the Planet Zire and spend the rest of their lives on this planet. They separate knowing that they must never see each other again and begin their new lives amongst the humans in the hope of finding happiness. They meet two Earth women, marry, and have one child each. Less than s...
Mind Trap
Mind Trap is the sequel to: Get Out of My Mind. The Presidential press conference was supposed to be an exciting announcement that the world finally had a space drive capable of allowing them to explore the planets...and, eventually, the stars. But tabloid reporter Ray Schume turns it into an inquisition, accusing President Edward Samuel and his assistant, Sarah Ferguson, of being part of an alien conspiracy to conquer Earth. What's more, he says he ha...
Team of Darkness
A group of vampires are discovered in the Kosovo region by US Navy SEALs. They are secretly captured and brought back to the United States by order of the general in charge of the US Special Operation Forces. With the development of a method of control to ensure their compliance, the general sends them against the drug cartels of South America. ...