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The Husband Trap
Violet Brantford has always been secretly in love with Adrian Winter, only he is engaged to marry her twin sister, Jeanette. Violet and her twin are very different, Violet is shy and bookish where her sister is a society leader. When Jeanette rufuses to marry Adrian on her wedding day because she is in love with someone else, she convinces Violet to take her place and pretend to be her to avoid scandal. Since Violet loves Adrian, she agrees to th...
The Wedding Trap
Eliza Hammond is a dowdy young woman on the verge of spinsterhood. Her mean aunt, who has been her guardian since the age of eleven has died and in a weird twist, has left Eliza with a sizable estate. Eliza has decided to finally assert herself a marry because she wants a family and children, and she decides to use her inheritance to smooth the way. Violet, her best friend, comes up with a brilliant solution in finding Eliza a husband that is hon...