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My Enchanted Enemy
Sonnet, Mar 2002, 6.99 ISBN: 0743412796 In 1810 Shoreham, England, Cole Strangford works on a diving suit that will enable him to breath underwater when his Uncle Gillie interrupts his work with unwanted news. The father of Juliana St. Germaine looks favorably on a marriage match between his daughter and Cole. The duo are arriving today, which means Cole's race to complete his invention before William James is in jeopardy. Cole does n...
Portrait of a Bride
Love Spell, Jan 2005, 6.99 ISBN: 0505525771 A pandemic plague devastated the world, especially women; few females remain available and the competition for them can be fierce. Most men choose a seemingly easier route to finding a wife. They transport someone from the past through the work of artists like the painter Conlean. In 2005 Philadelphia, research geneticist Jordan studies fertility. However, her work abruptly ends when Conlean's por...
To Tame A Wild Heart
In 1796 a carriage accident killed the Duchess of Arygll, her ladies maid and 2 four year old girls(their daughters). The bodies of the girls were not recovered. A few years later still deep in mourning over his lost, his estate near bankruptcy, The Duke of Arygll takes in a young man, a distant cousin and his heir, to raise and train in the running of the estate. The young man, Colin, a natural talent, saves the estate and makes it more prosporous than...