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The Magician's Guild
Sonea is a normal teenaged girl living in the slums of Imardin when the magicians do their yearly perge of all the unwanted in the city. Furious, Sonea joins in with her trouble making gang friends to hurl stones at the magicians, not expecting anything to happen since they are cloaked in magic. When Sonea's stones goes through one of the magician's sheilds and renders him unconcious, the magicians stop what they are doing to find this mysterious girl wh...
The Novice
Sonea used to be an average lower-class citizen of Kyralia, only a few steps higher than the Dwells, the slum-dwellers of the capital city of Imardin. During an incident involving the Magician's Guild, Sonea's magical potential was discovered, and her world changed dramatically, leaving behind her harsh life to become a Novice in the Guild. However, it is common knowledge that only those from the high classes are allowed into the Guild. Sonea is the only...