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The Disputed Crown
This is a story of what takes place after the Battle of Hastings in England. It follows the story of Brand of Fallowdene and his leader Hereward the Wake who rebel against William the Conqueror. Brand's daughter Wulfhild marries one of the invaders and has children by him. It tells us of the Saxon earl Waltheof of Huntingdon who marries William's niece Judith, who eventually betrays him to William, after Waltheof vacillates from one side to the other....
The Norman Pretender
The second in a trilogy The Norman Pretender continues the story of the Godwin family, Earls of Wessex. Opening in 1052 the story talks about the Battle of Hastings. Harold Godwin is rescued by the Duke William of Normandy from captivity, but he is tricked later into swearing an oath securing William's succession to the English throne. After Edward the confessor dies, Harold breaks his oath and becomes king of England. ...