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The Accidental Virgin
Avon, Apr 2003, 13.95 ISBN: 0060938412 Thirty-two years old Stacy Temple defies the laws of physics that says Manhattan is a swinging singles paradise. She has worked so hard over the past year that she lives in abstinence. The Gigi XXX Internet column insists that no sex for a year equate to theoretical virginity. A shocked Stacy realizes she is close to committing a capital offense especially for someone toiling at, a sexy linge...
The Not-So-Perfect Man
Avon, Jan 2004, 13.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0060536683 Only thirty-five, Widow Frieda Schast, owner of a picture frame store, still feels the loss of her husband Gregg, who died from cancer thirteen months ago. From the deathiversary day that Gregg was interred, Frieda's older sister Ilene has felt it is her quest in life to travel from Manhattan to the Brooklyn frontier to find her sibling a husband whether Frieda is interested or not. Her latest fin...