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Mary Reilly
'Mary Reilly' is a housemaid in the Victorian England home of Doctor Henry Jekyll. Although she is given the most demanding tasks to perform Mary is happy in her position. After surviving a childhood of abuse Mary finds comfort in the unvarying household routine of her bachelor employer. When Doctor Jekyll notices the scars on Mary's hands and neck inflicted by her sadistic father and encourages her to tell him how she came by them, servant and master be...
Set in Motion
Helene is a urban social worker. During the day, she seems capable, tough and in charge to her down-and-out clients. However, her personal life is a mess. As the story opens, she drives to visit a friend, Maggie, who is not at home. Looking for her at work, she finds her friend's co-worker, Michael, who violently and easily seduces her. Helene seems compelled to acquiesce to another's desires, without making a decision on her own. At home, Helene has an ...