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Games of the Hangman
This unforgettable thriller pits a war photographer/veteran against a ruthless leader of a world-wide terrorist organization.This brutal cat and mouse thriller starts in Ireland and through other parts Europe and ends in a bloody battle between our hero and hangman's fanatic terrorist army.O'reilly does his research well in depicting frightening world of international terrorism and the brave men and women who combat it.The hangman is one of the most ...
Rules of the Hunt
Our Hero Fitzduane thought his war with terrorism ended with the defeat of the hangman but in the world of international terrorism nothing is forgotten! He and his family are targeted for death by the hangman's sadistic lover,a female japanese terrorist Fitzduane must take the battle to her on her own turf which is Japan. This novel gives us scenic and very bloody tour of Japan as our hero battle terrorists, yakuza(japanese gangsters) and lethal bet...