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A Suitable Boy
This is an epic family saga set in post-partition India. It is at once an intimate family drama about Lata, and her family's search for 'a suitable boy' for her to marry; it is also a historical snapshot of a nation in the process of redefining itself, and an insightful glimpse into a world where religion is deeply interwoven in daily life. The story starts with a wedding, and we see Lata against the backdrop of her extended family, and witness her mi...
An Equal Music (Literature)
The protagonist is a former-child prodigy who has just "lost" his touch for music. Once celebrated throughout Europe as an acclaimed cellist, one day something snaps in Rene as he buckles under the pressures of the music industry and all that is expected of him. He retires to teach after his 16th birthday, and throughout the novel, tries to search for the meaning in his life, as well as a way to overcome the thing that made him incapable of expressing ...
An Equal Music (Romance)
Michael Holme is a future violinist, now a student in Vienna. While playing together in a trio, he falls in love with pianist Julia McNicholl. Because of the tension imposed to him by his teacher who he has a nervous breakdown and he leaves Vienna out of a sudden. After a few months, when he is begging to recover, he realizes how much he misses Julia and tries to get in touch with her again but he receives no answer. Ten years later, he meets her agai...