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Blast to the Past
Love Spell, Apr 2004, 5.99 ISBN: 0505525720 US Chief Petty Officer Brian Skelley is a bomb expert providing training in a remote section of the Scottish Highlands. In support of the exercise, Brian placed inert explosives for his crew to locate and identify. However, someone added a real bomb that explodes. Brian awakens from the blast in the year 1301 to see a thriving Kilbeinn Castle not the ruins he had observed just before the explosion....
Spenceworth Bride
Love Spell, Sep 2003, 5.99, 300 pp. ISBN: 0505525607 In 1799 Ramsgil, England, Haslett Ham places his wife Nelwina on the auction block accusing her of thievery. She tries to talk him out of the humiliation that both will suffer, but he just grins at her like she is a worthless waste of his time. All Haslett can think of his ridding himself of this bastard daughter of an aristocrat. Nelwina wishes to be anywhere but in Ramsgil, but an old gyps...