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Dragon's Bait
The book takes place in medieval times. Alys, a teenager, lives with her father (her mom died when she was born) above the blacksmith's shop where her father works. Suddenly, the villagers, for no reason at all, decide that she is a witch. At her trial, her father drops dead from the strain of it. The villagers then take her and tie her to a post on a mountain so a dragon will eat her. She manages to work her way loose from her bindings. She is trying to...
Heir Apparent
For Giannine Bellisario's fourteenth birthday, her father buys her a gift certificate to Rasmussem Gaming Center, where people can play games and actually feel as if they are part of the story. After a certain amount of time, the game will disconnect automatically. If the person dies before his time is up, he just starts from the beginning. Giannine chooses a game called Heir Apparent, where she will have to try her hand for the throne. In the middle...