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Mourning Glory
It's about an attractive Palm Beach woman in her thirties Grace Sorentino who is fired from her job at Saks, and, with little money and a teenage daughter who wants the better things in life, devises a plan to lure a rich widower to her side. By going to funerals of their recently deceased wives, of all things! Of course, things don't quite turn out as planned (she didn't factor falling in love with her prey into the equation) and Grace, the heroine of t...
Random Hearts
Orson and Lily meet by accident on an airplane ride and have one of those instant, unexpected physical reactions to each other. They seem to be the perfect match for each other and quickly arrange to meet again. When they next meet the attraction is still there and they quickly progress into a physical relationship. They think they are in love and want to move forward with their lives together, but there is one problem...they are both other ...
The War of the Roses
Oliver and Barbara Rose had a seemingly perfect marriage: he a succesful lawyer, and her an aspiring and then very profitable caterer. When their marriage starts to disintegrate, rather than give up the perfect house they built together, the Roses declare war on each other. ...