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Pushing 30
Bantam, Oct 2003, 11.95, 400pp. ISBN: 0553382241 A legal associate in the DC area, Ellie Winters does all the right things especially if it enables her to avoid a confrontation. Now turning thirty, Ellie adheres by the rules, a classic example of integrity, even if no one but she is aware of her actions. However, she detests her job finding it boring even when the rare experience is positive. Her boyfriend Eric Leahy is dependable, but even mo...
True Love (and Other Lies)
Claire Spencer is a travel writer working at an obscure senior citizen's magazine. She's not happy with the job or the harsh editing her articles are invariably subjected to, but with no better prospects in sight, continues slogging away at it. On a rare assignment to London, she meets and develops an instant rapport with fellow passenger, the charming American expatriat businessman, Jack. They happily continue to keep company once in London and it soon ...
True Love and Other Lies
Claire, who tries to pass herself off as a full sized heroine, but is only just very tall and big boned flies to London for an article she is writing for the magazine she works for. She meets Jack, and they fall in love. He is however, going back to London to break it off with his current girlfriend, who turns out to be Clarie's best friend. ...