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My Antonia
My Antonia is a book about a Bohemian girl who comes to America for the first time when she was ten years old with her family from Hungary. They settle in Black Hawk, Nebraska and Antonia befriends seven-year-old Jimmy who has been living in Black Hawk with his family his whole life. Antonia's mother is very haughty and says that Jimmy must teach Antonia English. So every afternoon, they play a lot and Jimmy teaches her English. Farm life became hard...
O Pioneers!
The Bergsons are one of the many families who are struggling to settle the prairies of Nebraska. One by one, the neighboring families move away to tamer land, but even when her father dies, Alexandra refuses to leave. She, her mother, and her three brothers stay on the land and farm it. Eventually, their work pays off and the land becomes some of the best in the country. Because of her careful planning and hard work, Alexandra is able to relax and ta...
The Song of the Lark
Song of The Lark is about Thea Kronborg who, as the books opens, is a young girl who is a talented pianist. As the book continues, it is realized that she is an even more talented singer. The story is about her rise as an opera singer, and the relationships she has with people who have some to little impact on her including her family. ...