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A Shining Season (Literature)
John Baker is a well known runner. Tiny as he might be he sure can run. He has beaten many well known runners in Albuquerque. John plans to marryhis love. One day while trying to beat the 4 minute race he falls to the ground in pain. John goes to the doctor to see what is the matter with him and quickly finds out that he has testicle cancer. John soon begins to make changes for himself first he calls off his marrage and leaves his love not knowin...
A Shining Season (Biography)
This is the story of John Baker, an Olympic hopeful in track. He got cancer when he was 24 (?), dedicated his last year or so to helping kids, and died at the age of 26. The book has a lot of good philosophy in it (i.e. reward kids for doing their best even if they don't win) and is simply heartwearming....