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The Rose and the Ring
Thackeray's 'the Rose and the Ring' is a short, eccentric, yet very enjoyable book about two objects: a rose, and a ring, which make the persons holding them suddenly extremely much so that the events thereafter become rather ridiculous. The servant girl, Betsinda, loves Prince Giglio. Prince Giglio loves Princess Angelica, who has the ring, while Angelica loves Prince Bulbo, who has the rose . And Angelica's lady-in-waiting, the...
Vanity Fair
'Vanity Fair' was written by Thackeray, a great contemporary of Charles Dickens, during the 19th century. His writing style is archaic as well as somewhat ludicrous, but as lively now as it was over 100 years ago when it was written. His book mainly concerns two young women, Becky and Amelia, who, although friends, are very different from one another. While Amelia is sweet and unimposing, Becky is ambitious and shrewd, and determined to get what...