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Goodbye Darkness
This book is a description of William Manchester's life as a U.S. Marine in the Pacific during World War II. It is a moving, first person account of what happened to him during combat on Okinawa. The two most moving accounts are Lt. Tubby Morris's death on the seawall at Oruku and Sgt.Manchester's duel to the death with the Japanese sniper on Okinawa. I read and reread portions of this book every day. William Manchester writes as a journalist and his acc...
The Last Lion: Alone 1932-1940
The second volume of William Manchester's biography of Sir Winston Churchill encompasses the eight-year period from the beginning of Churchill's longest period in the political "wilderness," to his rise to power as Prime Minister of Great Britain at the beginning of World War II. Manchester contends that the two decades between the two World Wars, and not his years as Prime Minister (1940-1945), were Winston S. Churchill's personal "finest hour." M...
The Last Lion: Visions of Glory, 1874-1932
This is an account of the first 58 years of the life of Sir Winston Churchill, arguably the 20th century's greatest statesman. With wit and candor, Manchester chronicles Churchill's life, from his earliest days as the neglected first child of Lord Randolph Churchill and his American-born wife, Jennie, to his entry into the political "wilderness" over Indian Home Rule in 1932. The first volume of this magnificent biography ends with Churchill being ex...