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Peter Graves
It took a healthy dash of boldness and an unhealthy amount of curiosity to make young Peter Graves visit the lab of eccentric inventor Houghton F. Furlong. But Peter's curiosity pays off big time when he discovers Houghton has created Furloy, an antigravity metal with unlimited possibilities. Using Furloy, Houghton has constructed a gravity-defying harness that allows its wearer to leap over buildings and run fifty miles an hour. But when Peter unleas...
The 21 Balloons (Literature)
21 Balloons is the story of Professor William Sherman's travels. In 1883, he set off from San Francisco for a balloon ride over the Pacific and was found a month later floating with 21 balloons in the Atlantic Ocean. This seemed an astounding feat and everyone wanted to know what had happened. Professor Sherman was loyal, however, and said he would tell his tale first to the Western American Explorers Club in San Francisco, of which he was a member. T...
The 21 Balloons (Thriller/Action)
Professor William Waterman Sherman, decides to get away from the bothersom children he teaches. So he joins the San Francisco explorers club and plans to take a year long journey in a huge air balloon living in a light weight house attached to the balloon. However, soon after he had left he crashes onto a Pacific Volcanic Island called Krakatoa. He is astonished to find people, government, and beutiful houses. For the next few days Professor Sherm...